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Symposium upon the Sea

It was in 2005 that Thomas Druyen first had the idea to bring the topic of Vermögenskultur to audiences beyond the university environment and academic context. In discussions with the programme developers of Hapag Lloyd Cruises, the idea for an innovative new presentation method quickly developed: to introduce a series of lectures as part of the cultural programme during the ship's voyage across the seas. The concept of a University Upon the Sea was born. Lectures in the programme range from investigation of geographically unusual places and climate research, to the areas of the brain research, psychology, sociology, and other exciting fields of inquiry. Since its creation, the Symposium Upon the Sea has enjoyed a tremendous popularity and we look forward to continuing and expanding its tradition.

From Cape Town to Buenos Aires EUR0828 | 07/12/2008 - 20/12/2008
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"Veranstaltung Transatlantik Symposium Auf See 2008" (pdf)

"Veranstaltung Transatlantik Symposium Auf See 2007" (pdf)

Project leader - Univ.-Prof Dr. Thomas Druyen
Project coordinator - Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lauterbach


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