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Thomas Druyen:
Happy Princes.
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Research Support

The Liechtenstein Academy Foundation supports the
Institute for Wealthibility and Wealth Psychology (2007-2014)

Character is the key to Success.
Based on this principle, the LGT founed its LGT Academy Corporate University (nowadays: Liechtenstein Academy Foundation) in 1995. Their objective was holistic, comprehensive character development: mind, body and spirit, equally addressed in a quest to discover balance. The aim is to improve the intellectual, psychological, social, emotional, and physical well-being of participants. With these aims, the LGT maintains a unique institution that provides specialised education and suport to a new generation of leaders. The Liechtenstein Academy Foundation maintains a network of well-known universities. Cooperation with some of the best researchers in their field makes the LGT a gateway into newest developments in its fields of interest.


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